U-Turn Youth Ministry 

U-Turn youth ministry is designed to bring the teens ages 13-18 from our community to meet at the ā€œUā€.  We provide a fun and safe environment that fosters both spiritual and social growth. At International Family Worship Center, we recognize that this is a critical time for our teens to find who they are and develop a healthy self imagine.  We purpose to provide the tools that will assist in the maturing of our teens into sucessful young adults who become leaders in their schools, homes and communities. Be sure to check the website for special events


Men In the Making, (MIM) and Young Ladies of Purpose, (YLP) are an extension of the U-Turn youth Ministry where they are able to have more indepth candid, real-life conversation in a safe and nuturing environment. During these conversations, Youth Leaders are able to address distractions teens face and expose the enemy's schemes to divert them from the purposes God has set for them.  They are challenged to build healthy foundtions as they are finding their way in becoming young men and women with great potential and purpose.  These groups are gender specific and meet once per month.  Check out our website for meeting days at times.    All are welcome!