TNT Children's Ministry - Transformers N Tenacious




At IFWC, children of all ages are empowered and educated in the Word of God to transform every situation they will ever face.  The teachings are dynamic and fun, filled with wisdom for their spiritual and natural growth.  We are developing children of purpose and power, who are bold to engage in passionate worship to God.  Our teachers create an environment where children have a tangible experience with the living God that cannot be forgotten.  


Preschool Age


Children ages 2-5 are taught while they play, giggle, wiggle and sing. This is the wonderful world of preschoolers! Colorful, bright lessons are designed to capture the children’s attention to relate the word of God to their lives. Teachers allow our young children to play, listen and talk as we teach the Bible on their level. We believe in creating real-life experiences for these young minds so that we can impart foundational truth.


Early Elementary Age 


Children ages 6-10 experience the Word of God and Bible passages in age-appropriate ways which are simple and relevent to their everyday lives.  Teachers present the curriculum in fun and relevant ways where the children can learn about God with application to real-life situations.  In TNT children's ministry, we are raising up transformers who are bold and tenatious in their community.




Our Pre-teens, ages 11&12, are ready to change their communities with their energy and boldness in the things of God. They are discovering who they are while learning who God is to them.  Their faith in God is increasing by leaps and bounds as they learn to apply the word in real life situations.  They are eager to go deeper with God and be agents of change.



*Homework Support during Wednesday night service is available for school age children.*